A Gospel for Liberals
Rev. Dr. Todd F. Eklof is a former
Southern Baptist turned religious liberal. He’s been a Unitarian Universalist minister since 1999, and is currently the senior pastor of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Spokane, WA. He’s gained national notoriety as an  environmental prophet and gay rights activist, and also devotes much of his time to Restorative Justice and the Peace movement. His background as a once conservative Christian, his thorough knowledge of Biblical scholarship, and his down-to-earth writing style, has enabled him to produce a  scholarly, concise, and easy-to-follow treatment of Jesus’ life and teachings.

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A Gospel for Liberals explores the life and teachings of Jesus in context with the social, political, and economic circumstances of his day, leaving us with a convincing portrayal of him as a progressive activist who was eventually executed for this very reason. It’s a refreshing and brazen exegesis of the liberating truths of the historical Jesus, yet presents him as nothing more than an ordinary human being whose profound teachings still hold practical meaning for us today. A Gospel for Liberals culminates with an enlightening new Gospel account that for the first time ever enables the modern reader to experience how the story would have impacted those who first heard it 2000 years ago, yet makes this timeless prophet a poignant inspiration for today’s social reformers. A Gospel for Liberals finally says what progressives have known all alongJesus was one of us! 

About the Book

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