A Gospel for Liberals
Considering the historical     Jesus in light of today’s most controversial social Issues

Introduction to The Gospel According to Todd

Finally, it should be understood, despite the acknowledgment that my gospel cannot be taken seriously as an accurate translation, I do consider it to be true!  It may not be an accurate representation of the historical literature, or of history, for that matter, but it does reflect my impression of who Jesus really was based on my humble understanding of the scholarship I’ve researched.  My narrative, like those of my canonized predecessors, is merely a literary method of stringing together material that may or may not be rightly attributed to the historical Jesus; but I am by no means reluctant to admit that I believe my version to be a more probable, realistic, meaningful, and profound version of the gospel than has ever been told.  This is necessary, I believe, because, after centuries of separation from the unique cultural, social, and economic circumstances prevalent when the original Gospels were written, a literal translation makes it difficult, if not impossible, for a modern reader to understand how they must have impacted the thoughts and feelings of their original audience.  Indeed, it is likely our own modern sitz im leben may sometimes cause us to react to ancient scripture in a way completely opposite of what its authors originally intended.