A Gospel for Liberals
Considering the historical     Jesus in light of today’s most controversial social Issues

Jesus Was a Member of the Liberal Media

Jesus may not have been an actual reporter given that there weren’t any newspapers or other media outlets around in his day.  Yet, as an itinerant preacher, he was in the information business, such as it was, and spent the last years of his life traveling throughout the land delivering his version of what he called the “good news” by letting folks know “the time has come, the kingdom of God is at hand.” After his business got off the ground and he gained a small following, he was able to commission a few followers, perhaps as many as seventy, to deliver the same message, “As you go,” he said, “proclaim the good news, ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’” He may have had only the one headline, limited distribution, and an imperfect delivery mechanism, to say the least, but he definitely worked to broadcast his message in whatever way he could.

It goes without saying, then, that Jesus valued what little freedom of speech he did have, and advocated self expression for others, especially for those who his society had marginalized and left without a voice of their own. “A demoniac was brought to him.  And, when the demon had been cast out, the one who had been mute spoke.” It ought to also go without saying that the many miraculous healings attributed to Jesus in the gospels are exaggerations—they simply could not have happened in the impossible ways reported!  Yet, taken as somewhat parabolic in their own way, many of these accounts contain a great wealth of meaning.  Touching the diseased skin of lepers, for instance, considered unclean and untouchable by the mainstream, must have healed the deep wounds of isolation and shame experienced by these social-pariahs.  Similarly, opening the eyes of the blind becomes a metaphor of revealing false paradigms and showing people the truth.  Enabling those who are lame to stand and walk symbolizes Jesus’ desire to reinvigorate and empower those who have been beaten down.  Encouraging those who have been crippled by oppression to “stretch” themselves, invites those who society has held back to expand their possibilities and seek self-fulfillment.  And by opening the mouths of mutes, like this “demoniac,” Jesus gave voice to those who had been silenced.