A Gospel for Liberals
Considering the historical     Jesus in light of today’s most controversial social Issues

Jesus Was Pro-Choice

It is particularly difficult to comprehend why Christian fundamentalists protest abortion and stem cell research with such ferocity, ostensibly because they value the “sanctity” of life, yet are usually vocal proponents of war.  Stems cells and people who don’t exist yet, the “unborn,” are sacred, but those who have actually been born seem to be on their own!  Thirty years after Roe v. Wade, for instance, which gave women reproductive freedom, the now deceased fundamentalist preacher, Jerry Falwell, complained, “Today, many doctors and political defenders of abortion have become wealthy on the slaughter of blameless victims; but they will forever have the blood of the unborn on their hands.” Yet in response to the estimated deaths of somewhere between 160,000 and 600,000 “blameless” Iraqi civilians, victims of an unwarranted oil war that’s made billions for corporate war profiteers like AEGIS, Bechtel, Lockheed Martin, and, the now infamous, Halliburton, he simply said, “President Bush declared war in Iraq to defend innocent people.  This is a worthy pursuit.” In his absurd article, God is Pro-War, he attempted to explain how “peaceful” Christians can condone such a war by managing to ignore everything Jesus actually said and, instead, points us to the symbolic Book of Revelation’s vulgar depiction of “Christ” with a “sharp sword” hanging out of his mouth.  He then spins the sixth commandment by claiming it only instructs us not to “murder,” and, in his words, “there’s a difference between killing and murdering,” ludicrously implying that it’s okay to kill people as long as we don’t murder them.

Jesus may not have directly addressed these questions, or ever have used the word, “abortion,” but we do know he was a man of great compassion who was willing to bend the rules, even the Ten Commandments, when necessary.  We also know that he was far more concerned with the born than the unborn, clearly stating, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” Jesus addressed the quality of life, not its quantity.  He understood that genuine respect for life, the rarest and greatest gift in the Universe, seeks a certain standard of living that is free of violence, poverty, bigotry and oppression.  It is not enough to force more unplanned and unwanted children to be born into the world without providing them with all the love, care, security, safety, and support they will need to live an abundant and joyful life.  To promote life without these qualities is to commit idolatry—biodolatry—the worship of life merely for the sake of life itself.